Why renting a cellphone?
Because it allows you to be in touch since your arrival to our country and receive phone calls for free at any moment. It’s a useful tool in case of emergency in a foreign country. Your family, friends or Company parters can know your mobile number in advance, before your departure. No coverage problems.

Why is it convenient?
With Nolitel cellphones you have no roaming problems, you get a local number for your destination, and you can sabe up to 70%. Plus, you get assistance 24/7 to solve any problema you may have.

Where can I receive/return my cellphone?
You can do it in our office at Ezeiza International Airport, in your hotel or any other place you request in Buenos Aires city.

How do I know my expenses?
Nolitel will provide you a detailed bill with incoming and outgoing calls with no extra charge.

How do I pay my expenses?
With an international credit card (consult other choices when hiring)

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